Series carefully selected treatments offer lasting beauty results, physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

Business Time:11:00-02:00
RESERVATION: 0592-5123333-3310

Charmland Classical SPA RMB798/100 minutes

It will help you relax and bring your mind and body to the correct zone.

Bali RMB 598/90 Minutes RMB398/60 Minutes
Full body massage using the power of aromatherapy to soothe your body. Your therapist will guide you through a deep relaxing meditation.

Thai Royal MassageRMB598/90minutes RMB398/60minutes
It’s a completely relaxing treatment and will help you to realign the mind and emotions.

Kidney Treatment RMB398/60minutes
Soothing massage to rebalance energy levels and calm the mind leaving you completely energize to complete your busy schedule or to relax you.

Skin Moisturizing Treatment RMB480/60minutes
It can accelerate the metabolism of skin cells, which makes your skin tender and smooth. It can keep humid for long time, moistening thirsty skin, intenerate skin and making skin activity.